LG settled a mold lawsuit in 2016 involving an estimated 700,000 to 800,000 washers. Keep checking this article for updates. If you are an owner of an Electrolux French-Door refrigerator, … Class Members must provide the serial number of the qualifying refrigerator. Not even 1 day after delivery did the ice maker on top stop working. I had purchased a refrigerator in May 2016…I have had nothing but problems with my ice maker since I got the appliance. Facts of the Case: LG Refrigerator Cooling Defect Class Action Lawsuit. That suit claimed that the tubing of the fridges’ evaporators is prone to corrosion and can develop small holes. So after having my refrigerator “repaired” every 2-3 months for 2 years they tried to say my warranty ran out at year 1. We had local warranty service technician out about 5 times, electrolux kept having him replace the same equipment. It cracked within 1 year of purchasing the Electrolux. We just had a repairman come out for the same thing. Are there any other options? The repairman told me the same thing. No Frigidaire/Electrolux products. I would suggest replacing your water filter, if it has not been replaced within 6 months. I heartily agree. I am having lots of problems also and the only result I get is another service call—–the next one will be the sixth one with no solution. Now, a $4400 refrigerator has had ice forming in back of the fridge causing major rusting. A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit alleging Electrolux manufactured and sold refrigerators that contain a defective ice maker. My Electrolux ice maker had to be replaced. That suit claimed that the tubing of the fridges’ evaporators is prone to corrosion and can develop small holes. Girard Sharp has filed a class action lawsuit against LG on behalf of US consumers who purchased LG refrigerators equipped with linear compressors. Claims are being processed at this time. Those who purchased certain Whirlpool-manufactured refrigerators, acquired the refrigerators as part of a home purchase or remodel, or who received the refrigerators as a gift, are eligible for a potential award from the Whirlpool Leaky Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit!

  • Here it is 2019, my Frigidaire refrigerator is freezing up in back with a large ice ball and rusting. Its ridiculous how many times I have had the repairman out to fix the ice maker and it still doesn’t work! I just had a tech come out only to tell me it would cost more to fix it than the unit is worth. The repairman asked if I noticed rust on the back and I said yes and he stopped work and said Frigidaire deems the refrigerator “Non-Repairable”. Doesn’t make ice, when it does water runs out, freezes and can’t pull out the compartment drawer. I tell anyone who will listen not to buy a Frigidaire refrigerator.