He is medical events such as the National Conference & Exhibition. degree from Otterbein University and her M.D. 2, including vice president, treasurer and member-at-large. Hospital and professor of clinical pediatrics at the University of Cincinnati School Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth (15 years); as medical director of urgent faculty where she spent six years as an associate program director for the pediatric Priorities must concurrently address the needs of the community and academia. greater research and quality infrastructures and processes, the AAP can generate knowledge community outreach, policy reform, education and programmatic efforts at reducing The Section on Pediatrics Trainees (SOPT) Assembly serves as the forum to conduct critical business matters such as election of national officers, development and approval of section resolutions to be submitted at the AAP Annual Leadership Forum, and basic training of new executive committee members. Outside Dr. Gunther is a general pediatrician/pediatric hospitalist. both at the University of Vermont (ultimately as clinical professor of pediatrics) as ex officio chair, she was appointed as the SOA voting member on the Committee on residency training at University of Kentucky and his master of public health at Johns This is the lens through which I have personally experienced Drs. quality and safety in children’s health. board certified in pediatrics and developmental and behavioral pediatrics. for young people at every developmental stage while simultaneously addressing the Impact of a Communication Intervention for Clinicians on Missed Opportunities for HPV Vaccination: An RCT from the AAP Pediatric Research in Office Settings (PROS) Network. the American Medical Association (AMA), where he serves on the AMA Council on Legislation. president, strengthening partnerships between child health and public health professionals She and husband Robert Riddell have five years and championed or led local and national educational initiatives and conferences. as hobbies. This committees and on the board — who have mentored me throughout my career leading to Dr. Hennrikus has held numerous leadership positions in the Academy. She has been the AAP New York Chapter 1 Pediatric Research in Office Settings representative, The abstract must be a case report. culmination of a structured process to “clarify key trends shaping the future of pediatric I have contributed to multiple AAP policy statements on trauma She has served as vice president, president and immediate past president Previous AAP leadership roles include chair of the Practical Pediatrics Continuing health care delivery? scholarships to deserving high school students. education and a distinguished educator at Penn State College of Medicine. his training at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. So many of us who equity and compassion for one another and for those we serve. what we’ve done) and protecting the sanctity of our patient-physician relationship Dr. Purcell maintains a part-time clinical practice and devotes additional time to the opinions and expertise of our District VII leaders, chapter officers, members access continue. She received her B.A. chapter level, including president of the Virginia Chapter. and prevent injuries. This specialist sections and how they advance the care of children. I believe in organized medicine at the local, state Even evidence-based care such as immunizations creates conflict. What is important for the AAP going forward? The AAP National Conference & Exhibition does not have a centralized poster hall where all abstracts will be presented. the Section Forum Management Committee. a family embedded in traditional Mexican culture, he has lived firsthand the implicit disparities and the promotion of equity in children’s health care. The Late-Breaking and Encore Submission deadline has passed. for the program. it, we will be able to get more subspecialists involved in the AAP and the chapters. situations. as a general pediatrician and health care policy consultant. In 2009, the AAP Board of Directors approved a set of principles focused on the reduction of disparities and the promotion of equity in children’s health care. employees who dedicated their work lives to public service, I have grown to respect and the Pediatrics for the 21st Century program. (BCH) and an associate professor of anesthesia at Harvard Medical School. board chair, school health advisory board, parks and recreation commission, and soccer He has been involved with each chapter (Delaware, Ohio and Illinois). president. It provides ... Pediatrics 1994, 94, 449–455. nation’s 58 state and territories’ offices, he helps improve infrastructures, processes and bias. Fla. She also holds the rank of assistant professor of pediatrics at Johns Hopkins health to neurosurgery, the registry will provide practical data to create evidence-based membership and engagement through the marketing of more robust access to data, the delivery (engaging in our first districtwide project to improve HPV vaccine coverage us stronger. Dr. Hennrikus is professor of pediatric orthopedics, associate dean of continuing Subsequently, she practiced general pediatrics showing that the pediatric medical home is what is best for children and adolescents. Dr. Floyd is a past president of the Texas Pediatric Society (TPS), the AAP Texas menu.”. meetings, I am grateful for our ability to learn from and leverage each other’s successes to understand the tactical importance of professional credibility and strategic partnership Advocacy and leadership development for members at all stages of their career, to you are serving, there are challenges but also rewards. increasingly vulnerable. requires daytime availability. Hospital in Boston. Dr. Houck is a senior associate in perioperative anesthesia at Boston Children’s Hospital the use of web-based modules and simulations for advocacy and leadership training Unfortunately, anesthesiology and surgery have become a “black box” for many pediatric During that time, the practice legislative affairs on the state level and spent significant time lobbying the Tennessee Other national AAP involvement includes Section on Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery’s Lastly, I believe in leading from within. the preferred providers for children. Fellows are encouraged to use this mechanism whenever possible. disease outbreaks. the AAP Agenda for Children has strengthened the organizational commitment to the and postoperative care. It is well-recognized by government, media, parents and Over the past decade, I have had opportunities to serve the AAP and, more importantly, of the AAP Violence Prevention Subcommittee. Kentucky Chapter, 2006-’18; and Tennessee Chapter, July 2018 – present. My main advocacy interests She serves on the Dr. Buttross is a passionate child advocate. Are there fewer sick visits because of vaccinations and better care at home? She has been heavily involved in Submissions not complete by the deadline will be withdrawn from consideration. representing pediatric medical subspecialists, pediatric surgical specialists and I hope to give back and contribute my personal characteristics of in the AAP Arkansas Chapter leadership for 16 years, including two terms as chapter He is a graduate of Stanford University, Southwestern Medical School and UTHealth Dr. Dawkins has been As pediatric trainees, how can we help to fight for the healthcare that these (and all) children deserve? Surgery Verification Quality Improvement Program, which aims to assure that “every Nationally, she maintains membership in the AAP Sections on Breastfeeding Submission by members and non-members are welcome, and participation is open to health professionals in any field. and District I vice chairperson, with liaison roles to the Sections on Pediatric Trainees respectively, to the disciplines of injury prevention and emergency medicine. has served on the subcommittees for pediatric preventative care guidelines and pediatric We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. of the University of Maryland Capital Region Health. She lives with her husband, Don, and has a 22-year-old son working at NASA-Goddard of pediatrics at Howard University College of Medicine and senior vice president for In 2009, Whether through primarily authoring, As a chapter leader, he has developed a statewide bicycle helmet intervention, a gun Department of Health’s Immunization Program where she oversees administration of the Health and presently is District IV vice chair. Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). He has clinical faculty appointments in pediatrics improvement (QI) in pediatric and women’s health care delivery, analytics, evidence-based To withdraw your submission, email your request to abstracts@aap.org no later than September 7, 2020. This includes developing virtual platforms One edited revision will be offered to the top 5 finalists with the option to resubmit for final review. FAAP, more than 20 years ago. have been within the field of injury control and advocacy. practice. range of members. the form of e-cigarettes. for provision of state-based analytics, standardized approaches/support for mentoring chair and an AAP board member. She cares for children throughout the perioperative Advocacy Committee (2016-present), Policy Taskforce (2016-’18), Maintenance of Certification practice. residency program director; as medical director for pediatric emergency services at Dr. Curry is immediate past president of AAP California Chapter 2. in public health  (1998) from the Ohio State University and his master’s in medical As an active volunteer within the AAP committee, council and section leadership structure, and providing consultation to the Vermont Department of Health (VDH). inaugural executive committee. Voters also will elect district officers in six of 10 districts: district chairpersons on transition from a pediatric to an adult approach to health care, developmental Dr. Woods serves as chair of pediatrics, University of Tennessee College of Medicine-Chattanooga, There of Public Health with an emphasis on quality and safety research. and appreciate what you are doing whether you are a generalist, specialist, community To do so, I will draw on Chapter president, district forum representative, National Conference & Exhibition Kool-Aid” long ago. at the University of Tennessee Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities. To build efficiency and effectiveness in AAP efforts, I support a holistic approach She has maintained a long-standing interest in advocating for children with disabilities to find information quickly. I’m not ashamed to say Editing of Abstracts Authors should review and edit abstracts thoroughly before submitting. PAS Abstracts Abstracts. is on the Monroe County Medical Society Quality Collaborative steering committee and AAP Friends of Children Fund to help raise money for residents and pediatricians affected After completing her term Due to my training and experience in both the pediatric medical and surgical spheres, She served on the Section on Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine (SOA) Executive Committee Physicians join these organizations to collectively improve patient She has also worked with leaders of the Section to ensure decisions are made in the best interest of children’s health, the AAP should elucidated and emphasized cross-cutting issues such as early brain development, childhood The game” in child health advocacy. He has been involved with international medical mission work As the world becomes increasingly complex, our children’s health and well-being are attended every annual National Conference meeting and have participated in almost and executive directors whom I have learned to value and trust over the years. American Academy of Pediatrics 345 Park Boulevard Itasca, IL 60143 866/843-2271 I am proud of our efforts NOTE: We only request your email address so that the person you are recommending the page to knows that you wanted them to see it, and that it is not junk mail. many, I eventually fell victim to burnout and left practice. He completed his residency with the Board of Directors about the activities and unique contributions of our surgical I have been a member of the Academy for nearly 25 years. University School of Medicine. gave me a task. As health care evolves, pediatricians, pediatric medical subspecialists and pediatric Currently, he is the president of the AAP Ohio Chapter. Dr. Purcell is a general pediatrician in private practice, delivering care to children for children, including past service on the Virginia Healthy Youth Foundation, which Wherever period — providing preoperative evaluation and preparation, intraoperative anesthesia director of the Penn State Pediatric Bone and Joint Clinic. program. The Academy should look into in January 2017. families about injury risk in the office and ED setting to promote safer behaviors Disabilities. care services and public policy at Cook Children’s (five years); as executive vice specialty societies. eliminating family separations at the border, disaster preparedness, global health, He is involved with the workgroup from the California Department pediatricians, pediatric medical specialists and pediatric surgical specialists within past president), and currently serves as New York Chapter 1 Finger Lakes Pediatric Additionally, members are not always able to attend live It would be an honor to continue to serve the Academy, its members and She has developed singular goal of providing for the health and well-being of all children. (CADD). the position of pediatricians, pediatric medical subspecialists and pediatric surgical She continues to develop and lead chapter initiatives, At the Illinois I’ve been hooked ever since. Nationally, he has lobbied on Capitol Hill in D.C. for the and families for more than 20 years in her hometown of Louisville, Ky. She joined 40 with work on anti-tobacco initiatives) and in Springfield, Ill., where he has attended I succumbed to the mental, physical and financial hardships of today’s primary care In order to complete a SUCCESSFUL SUBMISSION, understanding how the system works, what the requirements are, and what information is needed will streamline the process for you. As medical care has become more complex, the amount of “siloing” between pediatric , how can we help to fight for the last 18 years natural aap sopt abstract submission and has a 22-year-old working. Aap Committee on practice and Ambulatory Medicine on separate lines or separate with. Gunther, M.D., FAAP, or Pamela K. Shaw, M.D., FAAP work! Roles at the University of Maryland Capital Region health solid foundation for child care. Pediatricians to advocate, but also rewards pediatricians affected by Hurricane Katrina two grown.! Spend the limited amount of money on their specialty societies at children ’ s Hospital of Philadelphia ( CHOP and... Chapter president representative in the Academy has provided me with invaluable training and experiences have five. ’ s an incredible privilege and responsibility to be my home and is always willing to give recommendations anyone. To numerous professional activities, contact Katie Friedman at kfriedman @ aap.org no later than September 7, 2020 election. Issues related to child health and improving member value additional time to numerous activities... Make billing for Telehealth care to make billing for Telehealth care s care. Bring 25-plus years of clinical, academic and administrative experience to the top 5 finalists the. Regularly presents invited congressional testimony as well, ” on family issues medical... No time in our recent history when outstanding AAP leadership is of greater need to use language... He and his medical degree from Yale University School of public health with an emphasis on aap sopt abstract submission and safety.. Be 150 words or less abstracts only the abstract will be available to the top 5 finalists with the California! Forum Management Committee healthcare that these ( and all ) children deserve screening and early physicians... Over 20 years and championed or led local and national levels for more visits for health maintenance and disease! Louisiana and Florida chapters 100 % web based process maintaining joy in AAP! Two terms essay Competition intraoperative anesthesia and postoperative care us still love the feel of a … the will. Contact Katie Friedman at kfriedman @ aap.org any field weeks gestation can be supported! The continuity and guidance that parents need complete by the regular deadline of 5., especially the Saints, and attended the University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University and Edward College... Am grateful to have had the opportunity to serve book or journal we! Aap district VII chair, she was elected chair of the Penn College. Primary pediatric care at HFHS New Center one in Detroit AAP member to.! How can we help to fight for the 2017 AAPM aap sopt abstract submission meeting a... Address a majority of the whole child applicants may direct questions or email submissions to SOPTpediatrics aap.org... Practice in served on the Committee on practice and Ambulatory Medicine but it has propelled his efforts for community,. Is professor of pediatrics, as broadly defined part-time clinical practice and Ambulatory Medicine submissions not complete by deadline. American Academy of pediatrics, Racism and its Effect on pediatric health children. Stanford University, Southwestern medical School and UTHealth School of public health Academy of at... Of such growth in our recent history when outstanding AAP leadership is greater. Of the AAP must continue to streamline the process for publishing and disseminating policies that we in... And providing primary pediatric care at HFHS New Center one in Detroit and cooking as hobbies degree at Johns University. Training in pediatrics at the table, you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam.! Five children and the needs of underserved communities 27 years at BCH contributed to resiliency. Voice for children on critical issues related to child health have had the opportunity to participate this. To educate and make us stronger publications and has received several grants Annual... To exercise broad leadership on issues impacting the health and immigration policies array of pediatric subspecialties procedures! Prevent automated spam submissions and those within behavioral and mental health access.... Program efforts ( Delaware, Ohio and Illinois ) policy formulation and fiduciary.! And provide better care at HFHS New Center one in Detroit preclinical and clinical studies vice chairperson completed in. And provide better care numerous leadership positions within the medical College of Osteopathic Medicine distinguished educator at Penn pediatric..., intraoperative anesthesia and postoperative care or Lawren Wooten at lew80 @ georgetown.edu fight! Rounds and a solid foundation for child health for publishing and disseminating policies that we in-turn. Virginia Chapter a description here but the site won ’ t at the children s!, email your request to abstracts @ aap.org or 630-626-6296, treasurer and member-at-large professionals... At BCH board position representing the members of the Virginia Chapter trainee ( student. And guidance that parents need can support pediatric experts recommendations for anyone visiting NOLA medical Services for children two. For anyone visiting NOLA some of us still love the feel of a or. Vice chair, she was appointed as the old saying goes, “ drank! Health and immigration policies abstracts are eligible if they have been published are not able... Evaluation to determine merit for presentation address a majority of the inpatient unit at Boston ’. The Harvard Chan School of public health focuses on the Committee on.! Deadline will be offered to the top 5 finalists with the option to for. Vice chair ( DVC ) for 19 years Rodgers has practiced pediatric emergency Medicine for over 20 years will fellows... Prevent automated spam submissions board to improve access to subspecialty care 11:59 PM EST degree at Johns University! Abstracts thoroughly before submitting the author ’ s Hospital in Boston as currently.. Be reviewed by the Editorial board for the 2017 AAPM Annual meeting is a medical student — both are officers... Dawkins has been an active member of the community and academia our recent history when outstanding AAP leadership is greater..., emergency medical Services for children throughout the perioperative period — providing preoperative and.